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Headlight Renewal Kit


You can spend several hundred dollars on new headlights, or you can restore them to a clear and shining brilliance!

Whether you refer to your need as headlight restoration, headlight repair or headlight cleaning, JJJManufacturing has the solution with the Headlight Renewal Kit.

JJJ Manufacturing has done extensive research and we have developed a guaranteed method for success. No longer will you need to deal with dim headlights, low light at night, or contemplate buying new headlights. Our system gives you the right product + the right tools + the right procedure, and that equals success and a safer driving experience.

Our Headlight Renewal Kit contains: - Polishing & UV Sealing Compounds. Enough for several cars. Share with a friend and cut your cost in half! - Gloves, Towels and plastic razor blades. - Sandpapers, the exact grits needed. - Special Polishing Tool. Can be used with use with any variable speed drill (best at slow speed).

Everything you need is provided to you.Our product works on all plastic headlights and will restore them to like new condition. Your old headlights will look like new, we guarentee it. Because we know our system works, we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. If your old, foggy headlights aren’t shining like new, just return everything included in the kit and we will issue a full refund (including your return shipping charges).

The Headlight Renewal Kit contains:

2 oz. Polishing & 2 oz. UV Sealing Compounds..
2 gloves
8 towels
4 plastic razor blades for scraping bugs and the resideue build-up on the tip of your polishing tool
5 full sheets of high quality wet/dry sandpaper
1 polishing tool - use with any variable speed drill (best to use at low speed)